Values of Cenderos

Values of Cenderos:

  • We believe that migrants are the subjects of law.
  • We believe that the self-organization and active participation of the migrant population is vital to achieve better living conditions.
  • In our work we aim to empower people in order to find collective solutions to problems.
  • For us it is essential to influence the institutions involved in the political process.
  • We work with a focus on gender and generational equality.
  • We respect political, religious and ideological differences. We don’t do political campaigning for anyone independent from their views.
  • Our organization is comprehensive, honest, transparent, and shows an attitude of solidarity. It is respectful of each person’s boundaries, without distinction of political or religious believes.
  • We work in teams, with collective leadership and volunteer participation.
  • We work for the respect and care of our environment.

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