Meeting to analyze the critical aspects concerning the access to justice in Upala Canton


Members of the the Office of the Presidency, the Planning Department, the Constitutional Chamber, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Commission for Domestic Violence, members of the OIJ, Cenderos, Network of Nicaraguan Women met up the 9th of October 2012 in the building of Supreme Court of Justice.

In this meeting Dr. Adilia Solís gave a presentation about the difficulties women have to face to get access to the judicial system. Furthermore she proposed the creation mixed jurisdiction court for women who suffer domestic violence.

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Contribution to the formulation of an integrated migration policy en Costa Rica


CENDEROS and SJM COSTA RICA, representatives of the civil society before the Consejo Nacional de Migración (National Council of Migration), look for possibilities of the academic sector to contribute to the formulation of an integrated migration policy en Costa Rica.
There was a meeting taking place the 29th of September in the office of FLASCO CR that enjoyed broad participation of researching and teaching personal of different universities and academic centers of the country. We are going to keep you informed about the topic and want to say thank you to all the participants for the dialogue and the contributions of paramount relevance.