About Cenderos


Cenderos is a non-governmental organization – non-profit – that was founded by Nicaraguan migrant women, in 1999, within the historical framework of the “Work Training Program”, aimed at the population Nicaraguan and that the Universidad Popular de Nicaragua (Uponic) executed in Costa Rica in 1998.

Our organizational strategy has as its north the promotion of human, economic and social rights, citizen participation and the leading leadership of the migrant and cross-border population, as well as the Costa Rican population that shares the same condition of vulnerability.


We are a social organization of women, pioneer and reference in the defense of the human rights of migrants, asylum seekers and people who inhabit the borders, in particular young women, girls and boys. We achieve this through capacity building, organization and political advocacy for the full enjoyment of a dignified life.


Migrant women, youth, children and children seeking refuge and border exercise their citizenship, are welcomed in inclusive communities with dignified conditions, free of violence and respect for human rights.

Where do we work?

Headquarters in San Jose province
Canton: San José
Headquarter’s exact address: Barrio México, from Castro Bar, 100 North, 100 West, 1 block North, one block East. House with white gate, dead end street. Telephone: (506) 2248-0424

Upala Headquarter:
Canton: Upala
Exact Address: Center of Upala, from the CCSS office, 300 meters North, corner house.
Phone: (506) 2470-21 22

The Upala headquarters provides care to three different cantons and also supports cross-border communities.

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